Military Police
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Military Police

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A collection of 26 official technical manuals and documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format.  Download size: 8 MB




Army Pamphlet 190–12

Military Police: Military Working Dog Program

Army Pamphlet 190–51

Military Police: Risk Analysis for Army Property

Army Regulation 190–5

Military Police: Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision

Army Regulation 190–6

Military Police: Obtaining Information From Financial Institutions

Army Regulation 190–8

Military Police: Enemy Prisoners of War, Retained Personnel, Civilian Internees and Other Detainees

Army Regulation 190–9

Military Police: Absentee Deserter Apprehension Program and Surrender of Military Personnel to Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies

Army Regulation 190–11

Military Police: Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives

Army Regulation 190–12

Military Police: Military Working Dogs

Army Regulation 190–13

Military Police: The Army Physical Security Program

Army Regulation 190–14

Military Police: Carrying of Firearms and Use of Force for Law Enforcement and Security Duties

Army Regulation 190–15

Military Police: Physical Security of the Alternate Joint Communications Center (AJCC)

Army Regulation 190–16

Military Police: Physical Security

Army Regulation 190–24

Military Police: Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Boards and Off- Installation Liaison and Operations

Army Regulation 190–27

Military Police: Army Participation in National Crime Information Center

Army Regulation 190–29

Military Police: Misdemeanors and Uniform Violation Notices Referred to US Magistrate or District Courts

Army Regulation 190–30

Military Police: Military Police Investigations

Army Regulation 190–40

Military Police: Serious Incident Report

Army Regulation 190–41

Military Police: Customs Law Enforcement

Army Regulation 190–45

Military Police: Law Enforcement Reporting

Army Regulation 190–47

Military Police: The Army Corrections System

Army Regulation 190–51

Military Police: Security of Unclassified Army Property (Sensitive and Nonsensitive)

Army Regulation 190–53

Military Police: Interception of Wire and Oral Communications for Law Enforcement Purposes

Army Regulation 190–54

Military Police: Security of Nuclear Reactors and Special Nuclear Materials

Army Regulation 190-55

Military Police: U.S. Army Correctional System: Procedures for Military Executions

Army Regulation 190–56

Military Police: The Army Civilian Police and Security Guard Program

Army Regulation 190–58

Military Police: Personal Security

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