FM3-34.343: Military Nonstandard Fixed Bridging
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FM3-34.343: Military Nonstandard Fixed Bridging

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Official US Army Field Manual in Acrobat PDF file format.

This manual provides essential technical information on nonstandard fixed bridges for engineer staff officers. It is the doctrinal source of information for the United States (US) Army on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Bridge and Vehicle Classification System. This manual also provides various methods for classifying and designing nonstandard fixed bridges in military theaters of operation (TOs).

This manual provides detailed technical data on the classification (analysis) and design of bridges. It is NOT intended to replace civilian classification or analysis codes and procedures and should NOT be used for civilian construction or classification. Engineer officers should note that the methods shown in this manual are for conservative classification and design. Qualified engineers also might use appropriate civilian methods for military classification and design.

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