FM 5-71-3: Brigade Engineer Combat Operations (Armored)
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FM 5-71-3: Brigade Engineer Combat Operations (Armored)

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Official US Army Field Manual in Acrobat PDF file format.

Field Manual (FM) 5-71-3 describes how the mechanized division engineer (DIVEN) battalion supports an armored brigade.  The manual is designed as an engineer extension of FM 71-3.  It serves as a guide for brigade engineers, their staffs, and subordinate commanders in planning, interacting, and conducting engineer operations.  The manual also serves as a guide for the brigade staff and subordinate maneuver commanders on the organization, capabilities, and employment of engineers as a brigade combat multiplier.


This manual sets forth the principles that guide the conduct of engineer operations supporting an armored brigade.  It addresses engineer tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) as necessary to emphasize critical principles.  The TTP are intended to be descriptive rather than prescriptive and are not a replacement for the TTP and standing operating procedures (SOPs) unique to the supported unit.


FM 5-71-3 is fully compatible with Army doctrine in FM 100-5 and is consistent with other combined arms doctrine.  This is not a stand-alone manual.  The user must have a fundamental understanding of the concepts outlined in FMs 5-71-100, 5-100, 71-3, 100-5, 101-5, and 101-5-1

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