FM 5-116: Engineer Operations: Echelons Above Corps
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FM 5-116: Engineer Operations: Echelons Above Corps

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Official US Army Field Manual in Acrobat PDF file format.

Field Manual (FM) 5-116 provides doctrine to commanders and staffs concerning the employment of engineer units at echelons above corps (EAC). These units will be required to complement or expand the combat capabilities of divisional engineer assets as well as construct, maintain, and rehabilitate the logistics infrastructure needed for operational sustainment of the combat forces. Some EAC engineer units may operate as far forward as the brigade’s rear area, but generally most will operate in the communications zone (COMMZ).

The EAC engineer structure varies depending on the size of the combat force being supported, the type of action undertaken (offense, defense, stability, and support), the maturity of the theater, the availability of host-nation support (HNS), and the intensity of the conflict. Engineer EAC missions change as the theater expands and must be accomplished in nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) and electronic warfare environments.

This manual addresses specific actions EAC engineer units must plan and conduct. The doctrine presented is applicable to combined, joint, and contingency operations.

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