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Official US Army Field Manual in Acrobat PDF file format.

Field Manual 5-104 provides a doctrinal basis for the planning and execution of general engineering in the Theater of Operations. General engineering sustains military forces in the theater through the performance of facility construction and repair, and through acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of real property. The Theater of Operations is defined as “That portion of an area of conflict necessary for military operations, either offensive or defensive... , and for the administration incident to such military operations.”

This manual will be primarily concerned with support to those noncommitted forces within the corps and communications zone areas. It will describe responsibilities, relationships, procedures, capabilities, constraints, and planning considerations in the conduct of general engineering tasks. The manual was designed to highlight doctrinal procedures and to give an overview of the general engineering functional area.

Field Manual 5-104 was developed for commanders and planning staffs at all levels who require engineer assistance, or are required to give engineer assistance in tasks falling under the general engineering purview.

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