FM 4-30.3: Maintenance Operations and Procedures
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FM 4-30.3: Maintenance Operations and Procedures

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Official US Army Field Manual in Acrobat PDF file format.

This manual provides authoritative doctrine for the Army maintenance support systems, which comprise strategic to tactical level maintenance operations (at all echelons) across the full spectrum of military operations as part of the combat service support (CSS) system.

During the transition of the first decade of the 21st Century, there will be a mixture of Legacy (Army of Excellence (AOE) and Force Twenty-One (FXXI)) and Interim units operating simultaneously, for which maintenance support will be required. In this manual, we address AOE, FXXI, Interim Brigade, the emerging Interim Division, emerging Echelon Above Division Redesign Maintenance operations, and Army Maintenance Transformation doctrine as it impacts maintenance operations and procedures, including organizations, equipment, and personnel. Interim updates for this manual.

The intended audience of the manual includes the following:
• Combat and Combat Support Commanders – to give them a more universal understanding of how maintenance support operations are organized and provided.
• CSS Commanders and Staffs – to inform them on the integration of transforming maintenance support operations into the CSS and total Army missions.
• Soldiers and Students – to give them a broad knowledge of the maintenance support operations structure and how it works.

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