FM 3-34.221: ENGINEER OPERATIONS - Stryker Brigade Combat Team
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FM 3-34.221: ENGINEER OPERATIONS - Stryker Brigade Combat Team

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Official US Army Field Manual in Acrobat PDF file format.

Field Manual (FM) 3-34.221 supports engineer operations within and in support of the Stryker brigade combat team (SBCT). It is a guide for commanders and staffs within the brigade, the organic engineer company, and the engineer elements that augment or support the SBCT. Engineers perform critical battlefield functions and operate as key members of the combined arms team. As with all arms, engineers are integrated into the scheme of maneuver and massed at critical points during battles and operations.

In addition to being a guide for engineer commanders and staffs, FM 3-34.221 also helps other commanders and staffs within the SBCT understand the engineer mission. It describes how to employ and integrate engineers during operations and furnishes the authoritative foundation for SBCT engineer doctrine and terminology, force design, materiel acquisition, professional education, and individual and unit training.

This manual builds on the collective knowledge and wisdom gained through recent operations, numerous exercises, and the deliberate process of informed reasoning throughout the Army. It is rooted in time-tested principles and fundamentals, while embracing new technology and acknowledging diverse threats to national security.

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