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Official US Army Field Manual in Acrobat PDF file format.

Field Manual (FM) 3-04.500 introduces new doctrinal guidance to all aviation maintainers concerning aviation maintenance structure, organizations, and functions. The intended audiences for this manual are aviation maintenance commanders/leaders, officers/technicians, noncommissioned officers in charge (NCOICs), and aircraft repair and maintenance personnel. Chapters 1 through 10 provide maintainers with new doctrinal guidance on maintenance fundamentals, levels, and structures; maintenance and logistics management systems and operations to include automated systems; aviation maintenance/materiel officer duties and responsibilities; aviation logistics, quality control, production control, and component and airframe repair management and operations; and emerging concepts. Appendixes A through U provide aircraft maintainers with a wide range listing of supplemental topics to facilitate equipment support, field maintenance, and logistics management.

Warfighting is the Army’s primary focus. Army aviation is strategically responsive, prepared to conduct prompt and sustained operations as part of joint, interagency, and multinational (JIM) teams. Army aviation, as a maneuver force, provides a third dimensional capability to the mobility of the land force.

Aviation maintenance support has never been more critical than in today’s fluid contemporary operating environment (COE), where complex aircraft assets are continuously used at a high operational tempo (OPTEMPO). Today’s technically complex aircraft demand equally experienced aircraft maintenance managers to continue providing quality maintenance and logistics management to their aircraft maintenance programs. The ability of an aviation unit to perform its wartime mission is numerically represented by its aircraft operational readiness rates. Higher operational readiness rates are a direct result of effective maintenance and logistics management by all aviation maintenance commanders/leaders, officers, technicians, and NCOICs.

Maintenance is critical for all aircraft weapon platforms, systems, subsystems, and aviation ground support equipment. The failure of an operating aircraft system or subsystem, resulting from improper maintenance procedures, can have catastrophic and deadly consequences to personnel and equipment. Aviation maintainers must adhere to the latest applicable aircraft technical manuals (TMs) and references when conducting maintenance on their assigned aircraft.

With modularity, each aviation maintenance company (AMC) and aviation support company (ASC) now possesses the capability to conduct split-based operations within a single theater of operations. Each AMC is responsible for performing field maintenance on its assigned/attached aircraft. ASCs assigned to aviation support battalions (ASBs) provide field maintenance support by conducting intermediate aviation maintenance according to the maintenance allocation chart (MAC).

Unless otherwise stated or made obvious by the context, use of the terms battalion or company also refer to squadron or troop. Similarly, the use of the term aviation maintenance company, or AMC, also refers to aviation maintenance troop (AMT).

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