FM 1-0: Human Resources Support
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FM 1-0: Human Resources Support

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Official US Army Field Manual in Acrobat PDF file format.

This document provides fundamental principles to help guide actions, make decisions, and establish policies in support of national objectives. FM 1-0 is the Army’s single source of doctrine for Human Resources Support. It describes human resource doctrine and how it fits into the Army’s current and future operational concept across the full spectrum of conflict. Execution of this doctrine requires well-trained, values-based Soldiers imbued in the Warrior ethos who are capable of operating in a joint and expeditionary environment.

FM 1-0 promotes a common understanding of human resource support fundamentals. This manual does not dictate procedures for any particular operational scenario. It provides the doctrinal base for developing operational plans (OPLANs) and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Leaders and human resource operators at all levels must apply these fundamentals using the military decision-making process (MDMP), troop leading procedures (TLP), and METT-TC. This publication is authoritative; but requires judgment in application.

As Army transformation has progressed, human resources support and services have evolved. The stovepipe structures of the cold war era have been replaced with modular organizations that provide the commander with tailorable, sustainable, and flexible options to cope with any challenges faced during military operations. Another key change involves making brigades capable of independent human resources operations, regardless of location. Prior to HR transformation, S-1 sections at the Brigade/BCT and Battalion levels were never capable of fully supporting the commander and the Soldier. A combination of increased training, equipment, and manning have made S-1-centric HR support to the Brigade/BCT-centric Army possible. FM1-0 delineates these changes and many others in the HR arena; carefully outlining the capabilities and responsibilities of HR leaders and organizations as they operate across the full spectrum of conflict.

Chapter 1 discusses the mission, characteristics, core competencies, and functions of Human Resource Support. Chapter 2, which outlines Human Resource Support in Army Transformation, is more historical in nature, and discusses the philosophy behind the personnel transformation and the implications that it has on the future force and the way ahead. Chapter 3 describes Human Resources, Brigade/BCT, and Battalion organizations, their responsibilities, employment and support requirements. Chapter 4 describes Brigade/BCT and Battalion S-1 section operations. Chapter 5, which covers Human Resource Support of Force Projection Operations, discusses the deployment life cycle and how human resources support these operations. The appendices are planning and management tools for HR core competencies and HR operations and are designed to assist commanders and human resource operators in establishing SOP’s, OPLANS, and command policies.

FM 1-0 applies to all Army leaders regardless of component. This doctrine applies across the full spectrum of conflict (from stable peace to general war). Army headquarters serving as a joint force land component command or joint task force headquarters should also refer to JP 1-0, Doctrine for Personnel Support to Joint Operations, and other joint personnel publications. The publication applies to the Active Army, the Army National Guard/Army National Guard of the United States, and the United States Army Reserve unless otherwise stated. Elements may be included in other doctrinal publications.

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