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Official US Army Field Manual in Acrobat PDF file format.

Field manual (FM) 3-04.513 is intended for use by commanders and U.S. military maintenance personnel operating and employing resources in an aircraft recovery operational environment.

This manual is the Army’s doctrine for battlefield and garrison recovery operations. The operational concepts described in this manual are based on Army doctrine established in FM 1, FM 3-0, FM 3-04.111, FM 3-04.500, and FM 3-50.1. Emphasis is placed on modular force structure and the enhanced operational capability provided by Army aviation transformation.

This publication applies to the Regular Army, the Army National Guard/Army National Guard of the United States, and the United States Army Reserve unless otherwise stated. It builds on the collective knowledge and experience gained through recent operations, numerous exercises, and the deliberate process of informed reasoning. This publication is rooted in time-tested principles and fundamentals, while accommodating new technologies and evolving responses to the diverse threats to national security.

Aircraft recovery missions include the assessment, repair, and retrieval, if possible, of aircraft forced down due to component malfunction, accident, or combat-related damage that prevents the continued safe flight or operation of the aircraft. The aircraft recovery mission is complete upon the return of all personnel and either:
• The return of the aircraft through self-recovery or dedicated recovery utilizing aerial or surface recovery methods and techniques.
• The selective cannibalization and destruction or abandonment of the aircraft.

Aircraft recovery is a pre-planned mission for all units with assigned or operational control of Army aircraft and may require extensive coordination with supporting units. Aircraft recovery is time sensitive to the tactical situation. Aircraft recovery and maintenance evacuations are closely related, however, maintenance evacuation is the physical act of moving an aircraft from one maintenance location to another.

This manual is a guide and intended for use by commanders at all levels. Unless otherwise stated, use of the term battalion or company also refers to squadron or troop. Similarly, use of the term aviation maintenance company (AMC) refers to aviation maintenance troop (AMT). Also, the use of the term aviation support company (ASC) refers to aviation support troop (AST). In actual practice, the procedures outlined in this manual may be modified or augmented to account for force size; availability of aerial and ground assets; manpower, time and distance considerations; and the tactical situation.

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