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Official US Army Field Manual in Acrobat PDF file format.

Field manual (FM) 3-04.240 is specifically prepared for aviators authorized to fly Army aircraft. This manual presents the fundamentals, procedures, and techniques for instrument flying and air navigation.

FM 3-04.240 facilitates adherence to Army regulation (AR) 95-1 by providing guidance and procedures for standard Army instrument flying. Aircraft flight instrumentation and mission objectives are varied, making instruction general for equipment and detailed for accomplishment of maneuvers. Guidance found in this manual is both technique and procedure oriented. Aircraft operator manuals provide the detailed instructions required for particular aircraft instrumentation or characteristics. When used with related flight directives and publications, this publication provides adequate guidance for instrument flight under most circumstances but is not a substitute for sound judgment; circumstances may require modification of prescribed procedures. Aircrew members charged with the safe operation of United States Army, Army National Guard (ARNG), or United States Army Reserve (USAR) aircraft must be knowledgeable of the guidance contained herein. This manual applies to all military, civilian, and/or contractor personnel who operate Army aircraft, and adherence to its general practices is mandatory.

The Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is not regulatory; however, the AIM provides information that reflects examples of operating techniques and procedures required in other regulations. AIM is not binding on Army aircrews. Furthermore, the AIM contains some techniques and procedures not consistent with Army mission requirements, regulatory guidance, waivers, exemptions, and accepted techniques and procedures. However, AIM is the accepted standard for civil aviation and reflects general techniques and procedures used by other pilots. Much of the information contained in this manual is reproduced from AIM and adapted for Army use. If a subject is not covered in this manual or other Army regulations, follow guidance in the AIM unless mission requirements dictate otherwise.

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