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Official US Army Field Manual in Acrobat PDF file format.

Field manual (FM) 3-04.113 is intended for use by commanders, staffs, and United States (U.S.) military personnel expecting to operate and employ Army aviation assault and/or general support (GS) helicopter units.

This FM is the Army’s doctrine for how to fight and sustain assault helicopter battalions (AHBs) and general support aviation battalions (GSABs). The operational concepts described in this manual are based on Army doctrine as established in FM 1, FM 3-0, and FM 3-04.111. Emphasis is placed on modular force structure and the enhanced operational capability provided by Army aviation transformation.

FM 3-04.113 applies to regular Army and reserve component units. It builds on collective knowledge and experience gained through recent operations, numerous exercises, and the deliberate process of informed reasoning. This publication is rooted in time-tested principles and fundamentals, while accommodating new technologies, and evolving responses to the diverse threats to our national security. This manual also assists Army proponent schools in teaching utility and cargo helicopter operations.

FM 3-04.113 lays out the “how-to” of assault and GS helicopter organizations, missions, command and control (C2), tactical employment, and sustainment. It describes the responsibilities and duties of key personnel during training, operations, and combat. This manual is authoritative but not considered inflexible. Each situation in combat must be resolved by an intelligent interpretation and application of the doctrine set forth herein. Standardized battalion and company operations are necessary for effective employment of aviation battalion task forces (ABTFs). To this end, like companies should follow similar operational and employment procedures.

Finally, FM 3-04.113 furnishes a foundation for assault and GS helicopter doctrine, force design, materiel acquisition, professional education, and individual and unit training.

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