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Official US Army Field Manual in Acrobat PDF file format.

This manual describes the tactics, techniques, and procedures for use by Army aviation units during operations from Navy and Coast Guard ships. It is written to reflect peacetime operations that may transition into warfighting execution and assumes that the deployment of Army helicopters is the result of careful presail planning.

This manual is intended for commanders, staffs, aircrews, and instructors. It will be used to coordinate, plan, execute, and teach shipboard operations. Along with Navy publications, it provides information for developing a standardized, progressive program to train crews to proficiency on shipboard operations. Appendixes A through F provide supplemental information on aircraft handling signals; aircraft arming and safing signals;
weapons loading, strikedown, downloading, and recovery guide; operations from single- and dual-spot ships; standing operating procedures for overwater operations; and flight deck clothing and duties. Appendix G provides information on helicopter/ship interface; the most current memorandum of understanding between the Army, Air Force, and Navy for deck landing operations is found in Appendix H. This publication also reflects
Navy terminology, regulations, procedures, and traditions that are necessary for safe operation aboard ships. Unless stated otherwise in the text, the term "battalion" refers to both aviation battalions and squadrons.

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